Five Cost Saving Ideas for your next Event
Thursday, January 17, 2013

When it comes to planning an event, there are so many things that one must consider. From choosing the location of the venue, to the entertainment all the way down to the color of the linens for the table there is no question about the fact that planning a fabulous event can be tough on the wallet. Of course, everyone wants their event to be the one that becomes the talk of the town and the one that creates those lasting memories but did you know that there are a few things you can do to help cut down on those costs without sacrificing any style? Let's take a look at a few cost saving tips that one should keep in mind when it comes to the catering aspect of the event.

  1. Consider the time frame of your event- By keeping your event short and sweet, one can significantly reduce the catering costs. Depending on the type of event that one is holding consider having set time frames for serving food and alcohol. Maybe instead of having an open bar for the duration of a reception consider having cocktail hours that could last for a few hours instead of the typical six hours.
  2. Consider eliminating the labor costs- Hire a catering company that will cook and prepare all the food for the upcoming event and help set up the event. These catering companies can guide you on how and when to serve the food but not having servers can cut down tremendously on the overall costs of the event. Depending on the style of the event, consider having a buffet style which would require no labor from the catering company. This allows one to save on the labor costs but not sacrifice the quality of the food that is being served.
  3. Portion Control- Some events simply need the elegance of a sit down dinner. One of the biggest areas that one can save on the costs would be to control the amount of portions that are being offered. This is especially the case when appetizers are also being served. Choose smaller portions that are high in taste and quality and all the guests will be pleased and satisfied.
  4. Limit the options at the bar- No question about it, one of the biggest expenses involved with catering an event is that of the liquor. Consider having limited options at the bar but create a few special drinks or options that make the event truly special. Instead of having a full open bar stocked to the max cut the choice down. Industry experts advise to have a few choices of beer ( both domestic and craft), red and white wine choices and offer some specialty drinks. Go with the theme of your event and have a drink created just for your event. If you add that special touch to the bar, no one will even notice that the options are limited.
  5. Consider what you really need- There are many ways to cut corners that your guests will not even notice. Instead of having coffee served to all you guests at the end of the meal, consider having coffee available at the bar for those who are interested. Skip on the special glassware and other accents that one will not even notice. Remember that your guests are there to spend time with you and celebrate your event. If costs are an issue, forgoing some of the small things that often go unnoticed can make a big difference in the overall budget.

These simple tips can help you to plan the event of your dreams. By making small changes to the catering aspect of the event can lead to an overall savings. These tips will allow you to save some money without having to sacrifice any of the quality of your event. At Great Places, we can help you plan your next event at no cost to you. We offer a free concierge service that helps you find the venue of your dreams. Simply give us a call today.
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