Towards Greener Pastures -- Planning "Green" Events
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Over the past few years "green" venues have become all the rage.  For example, Brooklyn Bowl, proudly flaunts their environmental prowess marketing themselves as the very first LEED complaint bowling alley.  With many spaces advertising their environmental sensitivity, it seemed only invertible that event planners would eventually embrace the "green" concept.

Enter Sustainable Party, a unique eco-friendly company that seeks to help event planners select products that minimize waste and pollution.  Sustainable Party evaluates a wide array of event products from production to disposal.  Their rigorous testing processes analyzes a given products toxicity and recyclability.  If the product meets Sustainably Party's standards it is featured on their website.

Sustainable Party's products can also save you some "green".  Their website proudly illustrates a cost comparison illustrating how green products can be kinder to both mother nature and your wallet! The company also features a comprehensive 30 page PDF guide describing the best practices for sustainable parties.  Just be sure not to print it out!!!

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