Unique "SCENTSORY" Way To Celebrate Weddings
by Sue Phillips
Sunday, July 29, 2012


In the fast-paced, frenetic world we live in, with our attention constantly revolving around texting, IM’ing, talking, emailing, skyping, downloading, app’ing, socializing, working, living, parenting and more (!)… it is becoming more difficult to find the time to plan a celebration or an occasion that is really memorable, different, and individualistic! Today, more than ever before, everyone wants THEIR celebration, particularly a WEDDING to be an ‘amazing experience’!

So, how is it possible to create an ‘experiential’ wedding celebration that is different, individualistic, memorable and reflects the couples’ tastes??

One of the trends that is becoming more and more important, and popular, for Weddings is to incorporate a ‘SENSORY’ & “SCENTSORY’ theme - whereby every aspect of the wedding has a consistent sensory element featured throughout the event. Wedding and Event planners always incorporate Music, Lighting, Table, & Floral Decorations, Backdrops, Food & Liquor to reflect the Bride and Groom’s tastes. Now, SCENT can complete the ‘experience’! Our strongest sense is our Sense of Smell and is the one sense that triggers memory and emotions. Scent for weddings is an ideal way to differentiate a truly monumental occasion.

So, how can you create a ‘experiential’ wedding celebration that is different, individualistic, memorable and reflects the couples’ tastes?

A ‘bespoke’ scent subtly wafting throughout the wedding, and replicated in gift favors of a matching scented candle or scented spray pen is possible. Long after the wedding is over, and gifts have been opened and returned, and the photographs are now tucked away in an album, or a DVD, when the guests sniff the scented ‘favor’ they will be transported back to that magical day, and will remember the scent wafting in the air, recall the music, food, colors and decoration and the fabulous event and wedding celebration!

If a destination wedding is out of your price range, you can create a virtual scent theme simply by incorporating a correlating Ambient Scent which diffuses throughout the air. Imagine the visual delights of fantasy colors and decorations throughout the wedding and experiencing the most sumptuous correlating subtle floral fantasy scent wafting in the air? How perfect! Or a sophisticated wedding theme with gold and silver lighting and a sophisticated spicy, ‘floriental’ ambient scent in the air? It is absolutely possible to replicate any desired scent or to create a themed scent which reflects the tastes of the couple and the wedding theme.

How to develop or create a Signature Scent to wear and an Ambient Scent for the wedding?

In order for the couple to determine what scent they like, or to create a ‘themed’ scent, they would attend a Custom Perfume workshop. We take them on a ‘fragrance journey’ to determine which Olfactive family they prefer – Citrus, Floral, Spicy, Woodsy or many more. They evaluate many different blends and then select 3 or 4 they like, which is decanted into an elegant atomizer spray. They may each choose an individual scent or one which becomes THEIR signature scent, because today many couples like to wear a matching scent. If they would like to offer gift favors of their scent to all their guests, or a HIS and HER scent, many options such as a unique SCENTED SPRAY pen can be offered as a ‘favor’ or developed into a candle for their guests. And ‘their’ unique scent can be bottled and diffused into the air by portable scent machines strategically placed at the event.

Custom Scent Events are ideal for all CELEBRATORY occasions starting with a Bridal Shower – the event is creative, fun, innovative and each guest creates their own signature scent. Incorporating Scent at any and allevents reinforces the power of the celebration and makes it the most long-lasting memento of the wonderful event and one that is an EXPERIENCE not to be forgotten!


Sue Phillips, president of Scenterprises is passionate about perfume and offers Custom Scent Events for Individuals, Groups, Bridal Showers, Corporate Teambuilding Events, as well as Ambient Scenting for public spaces, weddings, and for Retail.

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