2015 Food and Beverage Trends
by Karen Carzo
Thursday, January 22, 2015

The New Year brings new predictions about what we’ll be eating and drinking at events.  One thing seems certain, many of the trends we grew fond of in 2014, are sticking around for 2015.  Below are just a few to keep in mind when planning social and corporate gatherings.

It’s All Good
From the nose to the toes, chefs will continue offering unusual parts of animals.  Intestines, sweetbreads, necks and liver - to name a few - are becoming commonplace on everyday menus.  This is also true of various, typically tougher, cuts of meats that are usually braised or found in stews.  Not only are these cuts less expensive, making prices more affordable, but chefs are finding ways to use them in delicious “peasant-style” dishes, also a growing trend that sees goat becoming as common as pork and lamb. 

Roasted Goat's Feet, aka Trotters (thethingspeopleeat.com)

Comfort Kicked Up a Notch
Mashed potatoes, pot pies, mac and cheese, and burgers are all traditional comfort foods making a big splash at events and restaurants.  Shave truffles on top of those potatoes, make your Mom’s mac and cheese with gourmet cheese and toss in a little prosciutto, replace chicken with duck in a pot pie, and make that burger out of lamb or oxtail and you have a new comfort classic.  Include a little bacon and you have a trend that is still going strong. 

*Porter House's Mashed Potatoes with Truffles (grubstreet.com)

Bacon, Bacon and More Bacon
From baked goods to cocktails, dipped in chocolate, peanut butter or maple, even crumbled in ice cream, bacon continues to show up in unexpected places.  Long used to wrap around other pork products, dates or shrimp, bacon can also be found as a bowl for a variety of fillings and as a swizzle stick for drinks. 

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Here’s to Toast
It’s not just for breakfast anymore.  Toast, a staple at the morning table, is also sitting down to lunch and dinner.  In addition to using artisan breads and topping the crunchy slices with butters sourced from small local dairies, toast is the base of choice for the likes of lobster, avocado, pork belly and caramelized fennel.  It is also being fully coated in chocolate and served as dessert. 

Toast Points (dallasnews.com)

Competing with Kale
If you were a big bowl of kale, you might want to start looking over your shoulder.  Brussels sprouts, seaweed and parsnips are all turning up in healthy dishes as well as better-for-you snacks such as crispy chips and puffed bites.

Seaweed Chips (tripadvisor.com)

Drink Locally
Bars and restaurants continue to be enamored with craft beers, barrel-aged drinks, locally-produced wines and “cooked” cocktails that borrow ingredients from the kitchen. 

Carrot and pumpkin cocktail with sesame seeds (Zakroma, Odessa)



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