How to Write Names on Tent Cards for a Special Event?
by Robert Hickey
Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Dear Robert,

We are preparing place markers for a panel discussion. Among the panel are three attorneys (one of whom is also a state representative) and the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court.

The only two “civilians” are members of the press.

Would we simply list their names on the first line, followed by the title on the second line??

-- Anne Leslie

Dear Ms. Leslie,

I am assuming by place markers -- you mean tent cards with their names on them so the audience can tell who is who?

If so, give the elected official and Chief Justice their formal forms:

    The Honorable (Full Name of State Representative) (Office) Chief Justice (Full name) The Supreme Court of Wyoming

Give the attorney the post-nominal used to identify practicing attorneys:

    (Full Name), Esq. (Office)

And since the others are getting a courtesy title, honorific, or post nominal ... give the reporters an honorific too:

    Mr. James Wilson

-- Robert Hickey

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