Meet the 5th Avenue Digital Photographers: How Are Same Sex Weddings Different Than Traditional Weddings?
by Elizabeth Beskin
Friday, October 09, 2015

The relationship may be unconventional but the goal of same sex wedding photography is the same:  capturing the expression and celebration of love.  It may require a little out-of-the-box thinking but it’s also a creative opportunity to transform conventional wedding traditions to reflect the values of the couple.  Our professional wedding photographers at 5th Avenue Digital share their thougths.

Tim Waltman:  I always feel honored to be photographing a same-sex wedding.  It’s all fairly new to the wedding world and something that wasn’t always possible.  After thousands of years of “traditional” marriage this is a benchmark In history.  It’s happening now, and I’m lucky to be able to capture every moment of it.

BJ Enright:  There’s a certain tenderness at same-sex weddings, and a really comfortable feeling.  I’ve only shot a few of them so far, but they’ve been simple, quiet, and romantic — with lots of really special details to make what is a really unique day even more so.

Kari Otero:  In terms of the occasion itself, I find the day is always a beautiful celebration of love regardless of whether I’m photographing a same sex or opposite sex wedding.  Friends and family are celebrating the fact that two individuals have found one another and, in same sex marriages, they’re are celebrating and acknowledging the fact that the wedding is even legally possible.

Stavros Panopoulos:  There is no difference in the essence of the wedding but I find same gender weddings to be more casual in style.  Given all the past years of prohibition,  I do see a palpable feeling of achievement and boldness in their wedding day.  And  in all the same gender weddings I’ve shot, it never appeared to me that the couples are getting married to please their parents!

Jennifer DelCastillo:  Same sex weddings tend to have a unique level of intimacy.  It’s just a feeling I get from everyone there — a certain unity among all of the guests, and a feeling of true joy and celebration.  Usually same sex couples are a little bit older, and in many cases they’ve already been living as a married couple for many years, so I think this adds to how they shape their wedding day.


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