Great Locations For Engagement Photography In NYC
by Elizabeth Beskin
Thursday, September 03, 2015

Location, Location, Location!  What’s the best location to capture those special engagement photographs?  Want to know what top NYC photographers think?  We asked our professional engagement photographers at 5th Avenue Digital to share their favorite spots in New York City.  Here’s what they had to say.

  Stavros Panopoulos:  This is an easy one:  Central Park.  You and the couple have everything you need — ponds, bridges, fountains, fields and trees.  Not only that, but there are always some costumed characters and performers to play off the couple in pictures.

Jennifer DelCastillo:  In places that have a special significance to clients or their relationship, like when a couple says they want to shoot at a certain park or venue because it’s where they first met or where they had their first date.  I find it inspiring a bit photographically, it adds emotional value to me, and it starts to build the foundation of telling the overall story.

BJ Enright:  My absolute favorite location for an engagement session is near the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights are two neighborhoods full of so many amazing spots.  I really love taking portraits in the hour before sunset — you’ve just got all this gorgeously back-lit Manhattan skyline, bridges, waterfront, brownstone apartments, and old buildings and structures that make for a really timeless location.

Kari Otero:  I honestly think every nook and cranny of New York has amazing photo potential.  Just add a couple crazy about one another and you have iconic and timeless photo opportunities.  Central Park is always post card perfect and the way the light hits those cobble stone streets in the Meat Packing District is pure magic. Although I often suggest my favorite locations, couples tend to gravitate towards the neighborhoods that suit them and it always shows in the pictures.

Tim Waltman:  I would switch it up and try to find beauty in a location some may overlook, like a rustic warehouse or in the middle of a forest somewhere. I’ve always thought it would be fun to shoot an engagement session right in the couples house.  It’s so much more personal, the couple would be much more comfortable, and the result would be very unique and personal.



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