Event Trends Shaping 2016... Crafting a Story + Disruptive Meeting Trends
Friday, April 15, 2016

As the event industry continues to move at such fast pace, event and meeting planners are constantly looking at new and unique ways to make their events fresh, engaging and impactful.

With this in mind, Jaclyn Bernstein, President and Partner at ACCESS New York Metro, previously Empire Force Events, has generously shared her time with us to bring you some of the hot trends shaping up this year in part three of our series.

Crafting a Story

Clients are increasingly looking for event planners to provide a seamless brand experience for their guests, powerfully crafting the story and messaging the client wants to convey. So the message is not just something that is discussed during the day, but is a common thread throughout the entire experience. From the first interaction with guests at check-in (also including pre-event communications), throughout the entire event — the concept, visuals, creative taglines and content have all been carefully planned for maximum impact.

Disruptive Meeting Trends

Remember the days when a guest distracted by their cell phone while a speaker is talking was considered rude? Well those days are over. Clients are now looking for ways to engage with their guests using technology, photo booths, encouraging them to participate during the event via smart phone and by posting to social media. Clients understand the legacy value of social media, where an event will live on forever through online posts.


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