How to Introduce Four People at a Time At an Event?
by Robert Hickey
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Robert,

Our private school has applied for a grant and has invited four individuals from a foundation to visit the school. The individuals include: the President, the Assistant Pres., and 2 other members. They will be touring our school and will be introduced to key school persons along the way. What I want to know is how these individuals should be introduced especially since there are four of them.

-- Lynn M.

Dear Lynn,

They should be introduced with the highest person's name said first if you want to actually use names. With four it would be....
      (President of Foundation), (Assistant Pres. #2), (Foundation Person #3), (Foundation Person #4), may I present (School Person), chairman of the department of XXXX.
      (Directed to the School Person).... Our guests are from the XXX Foundation.
      Which would sound like: Mr. Smith, Ms. James, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Thomas, may I present Dr. Anderson, chairman of the Department of History.
       (To Dr. Anderson), Our guests are from the Evergreen Foundation. Mr. Smith is the President of the Foundation and is interested in seeing our facilities.
      This provides an opportunity for Dr. Anderson to speak with Mr. Smith and the delegation.
      With large groups some times names are left out if there are too many OR if you don't think there will actually be any conversation. Such as:
      (To the delegation from the Foundation):  This is our football team coached by Tim Clark
      (To the football team and Tim Clark): Our guests are from the Evergreen Foundation.
       You allow for a general acknowledgment from both sides to the other ... and then you move on.

-- Robert Hickey

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