What Does LinkedIn's New Company Pages Mean for #Eventprofs?
Friday, June 08, 2012

If you haven’t heard already, LinkedIn (LNKD) recently added two new features to company profiles on their network. These changes significantly augment both the scale and reach for the over two million companies plugged into the world’s largest professional social network. Below is a list highlighting the changes:


Improved Status Updates:

Status updates on company pages can now reach a bigger audience. Similar to Twitter, regular LinkedIn users can “follow” various companies for the latest news. Previously, these updates only appeared under the “companies” tab inside the user interface. Following LinkedIn’s changes, company status updates now appear in a user’s homepage news feed (a much more heavily trafficked page).

LinkedIn’s enhancement of the status feature increases the prominence of a company’s profile on LinkedIn. For example, a catering operation looking to promote an event for event professionals can now reach more members on LinkedIn thru a simple status update on their company profile.

Enhanced Analytics:

Company profile administrators have access to an array of analysis tools that go far beyond impressions and clicks. Administrators can analyze user engagement by post and by industry. Event professionals would be wise to monitor their company profile’s visitors to ensure that they are effectively reaching the appropriate audience.

The latest changes to the LinkedIn company profile, improves yet another social medium through which industry professionals can promote their businesses. LinkedIn has essentially “upped the stakes” for company profiles. Event planners need to adapt to these latest changes by ensuring that their company profiles have a following and are up to date.


Company Pages are, indeed, a great opportunity for organizations to connect with their audience on LinkedIn. Another valuable channel for delivering value!

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