Top 4 Hottest Holiday Party Trends
Monday, October 22, 2012

With the holidays fast approaching, the time to start planning your holiday events is right now. Are you looking for that elusive idea that will be a sure fire way to make your event one that is not soon forgotten? If you are looking for some fabulous ideas for ways to turn drab and dreaded office parties into a highly anticipated event, then read on. We have some of the top hottest holiday party trends that have been predicted by event planners across the globe.

  1. Bring the outdoors inside- Holiday events are all about being festive and the choice of holiday décor must always be high on the list. The holiday décor should change people's experiences and should always set the mood for the event. You want your attendees to be dazzled the moment they walk into the door. So how do you do that? Simple, you bring the magical winter wonderland inside. Consider using evergreens, raw birch and other elements to create your wonderland. Ice sculptures and ice chairs are sure too be a big hit this holiday season as well. The use of snow making machines can also create a breath taking and wonderland like experience. Even a small simple touch of the outdoors can change the entire ambiance of the holiday party.
  2. Enhance the mood- The lighting of an event can set the entire mood. When it comes to holiday parties, one of the biggest trends that has been predicted for the upcoming season is the use of dramatic lighting. It is the holiday season, so use festive and holiday lighting and do not be afraid to be bold this year. Use the dramatic lighting to enhance certain pieces of décor and depending on the time of day you are holding the party- consider using lighting bars for those holiday cocktail parties. 2012 holiday parties will be bolder and brighter so have some fun when it comes to lighting.
  3. Be a trend setter and bring a pie- According to holiday trend experts the in dessert of the year will be some good old fashioned pies. Many market research analysts have predicted that 2013 will be year of the pie, so why not become a trendsetter and be one step ahead of the game? Pies are one of those treats that just really never go out of style but in the recent years have taken a back seat to the cupcake craze. Be bold this year and bake a pie. After all cupcakes were so 2011.
  4. Opt for some entertainment- A holiday party without some form of entertainment can often be a snooze fest. If your budget is tight, consider hiring a DJ even just for an hour or so just to give your attendees something to look forward too. Another big trend this season will be hosting your holiday events at ice skating rinks. What could be more festive then spending some time together one the ice. It is your party and while the final choice will rest on you, just keep in mind that holiday parties often need a little something extra. So go the extra mile and find some entertainment that will help to keep your guest entertained and looking forward to the following year's holiday events.

The holiday's are a time to celebrate and if you are like most people, you often find yourself having to choose which holiday event to go to. By following some of these simple tips, you can be on your way to ensuring that all your holiday parties go off without a hitch. In the event you need some tips and advice on where to hold your next holiday party, always feel free to give Great Places a call. Did you know we offer a free, no obligation concierge service? Call us for details.

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