Do Place Cards Have the Name on One Side? Or on Both Sides?
by Robert Hickey
Friday, April 27, 2012



Dear Mr. Hickey,

It was decided we would use the informal form of address on the place cards, i.e. John Doe instead of Mr. John Doe or Mr. Doe. Should that go on one side or both sides?

-- Marietta Stone

Dear Ms. Stone,

Protocol officers typically use the word place card for the small card (maybe flat, maybe folded) ... perhaps 1" x 3" ... with just the name facing the individual. That's just to tell the person which seat is theirs.

And use the word tent card or table tent for a larger folded card with the names on both sides to facilitate networking. It needs to be larger so what's on it can be read from across the table.

Anyway, that's the way we keep them defined. Both are used all the time ... which style is used is determined by the requirements of the event.

On a place card the name is written with the name facing the person ... the 'conversational form" is used.... Mr. Doe.

The only time you would use Mr. John Doe on a place card is when you have a Mr. John Doe and a Mr. William Doe BOTH coming and you need to be specific.

On a tent card how the name is written: call-by name; full name; name & title; name, title & organization; -- all depends on what's the right for the event.

--Robert Hickey

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