Scents for Events - A "Scent"sational idea!
by Sue Phillips
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yours Truly Testing a New Fragrance at The Perfume Studio Event Hosted By Sue Phillips of Scenterprises.

For those of you pondering a fresh and innovative idea for your next event look no further!  Earlier this month, I attended a 'custom fragrance' event hosted by Sue Phillips founder of Scenterprises.  The event, which is called The Perfume Studio, takes attendees on a olfactory journey mixing and matching various concoctions.

Throughout the event, Ms. Phillips describes the origins and raw materials of over 18 different blends.  After testing, mixing, and matching various scents, participants create their own custom fragrance.  This fragrance is then given a unique id number and registered within a database so that attendees can order their custom perfumes again if need be!  Ms. Phillips explains, "We are about creating your own personalized fragrance just the way celebrities do."

The Perfume Studio event, which lasts approximately 2 hours, makes for a great team building exercise, as participants have many opportunities to consult with others regarding their custom scents.  I found the "scent event" truly unique and entertaining.  In my opinion, scents and events will make for a new and interesting trend within the meeting industry!

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