MPI Launches EMEC 2012 with A Mobile App
by Eric Wasnick
Sunday, January 29, 2012

MPI introduces a custom conference app for its 2012 European Meeting Planner Convention

This week kicks off the 2012 European Meetings and Event Conference (EMEC). Meeting Planners from across Europe will congregate in Budapest, Hungary to discuss the latest technology and conference trends within the event business.

EMEC’s theme this year is “Innovation. Re-Imagined”. The EMEC’s 2012 motif is more than just an “attention-grabbing headline.” MPI has indeed “re-imagined” its annual conference by offering meeting participants a customized EMEC 2012 mobile event app developed by QuickMobile. This EMEC app, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry, provides a distinct opportunity for meeting participants to enhance their conference experience. The application is full of useful tools to make life less stressful for conference attendees. Features for the EMEC 2012 Mobile App include:

  •     Searchable schedule of conference events
  •     Searchable database of sponsors, speakers, and attendees
  •     Map of Budapest detailing all public transportation (a lifesaver!)
  •     Links to Social Media Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  •     Detailed map of the Conference Center
  •     Form submission for attendee feedback regarding various events
  •     Chat platform (embedded in app) for messaging speakers/attendees

MPI has indeed delivered on its promise to “elevate” and “innovate” the mobile experience. The EMEC 2012 app is extremely useful and sets a high standard for future MPI conference events.

COMMENTS:  Eric, the Potomac Chapter of MPI is doing the same for their upcoming MACE Conference. The app looks great and is user friendly.
--Katie CMM, CMP, CSEP


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