Winter Wedding Trends 2013
Monday, July 01, 2013

Winter weddings are beautiful, breathtaking and oh so very romantic. Due to this fact, winter weddings are on the rise. While snowflakes and beautiful holiday ornaments are always a must have for any winter wedding, there are some fresh ideas that are trending for the winter weddings of 2013. If you are planning a wedding this winter and looking for some creative ideas for your wedding, we have you covered. Let's explore some of the most beautiful and latest trends for winter weddings.

Picking out the perfect wedding gown is always on top of the list for any bride-to-be. This winter we are expecting to see wedding gowns that are very romantic and are full of lace. Instead of opting for a crisp white, many winter brides are opting more for a cream or ivory color for their wedding dress. The vintage look is one of the biggest winter wedding trends and having a dress that is not crisp white gives a very authentic vintage look to it. Long sleeves, lace detail in the back, and gowns that are floor- length are the latest and hottest winter wedding trends. The perfect compliment to a beautiful and long flowing gown is a simple yet romantic long and embellished veil.

Romantic and soft color schemes are also one of the hottest winter wedding trends for 2013. The use of ice blue, silver or a modest pinkish–red are some of the most common winter color trends for the coming year. Consider using earth tones if you are looking to add more of a romantic feel to the wedding. Mixing the soft colors with very rich earth tones such as olive, emerald green, crimson or eggplant can add that elegant yet romantic touch to everything from the dresses for the bridesmaid to the centerpieces on the table. A fresh and creative idea for your upcoming wedding.

When it comes to the décor of the wedding as a whole, there are so many options for creating the winter wedding of your dreams. Deep red flowers make ideal choices for both the bridal bouquet as well as table centerpieces. Consider adding something sparkly to the wedding bouquet by taking the stems and wrapping them in ribbons with crystals. This added sparkle will add to the magical wonderland element. If you are looking to transform your venue space into a winter wonderland there is no question about it, you will need snowflakes, ornaments, lighting that is soft and romantic, ice sculptures and the list goes on.

Finally, consider having a cocktail hour that serves warm cocktails. The hottest trend for the coming season is having saketinis served in glasses rimmed with sugar. A very warm drink and one that creates lasting memories. You can also never go wrong with winter classics such as hot chocolate and warm apple cider.

Winter weddings are simple beautiful. No matter which trend you go for a little snow on your wedding day adds that special romantic touch. Live in an area where snow is not likely, consider getting a snow maker to add that real winter touch to your wedding.

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