New Social Media Marketing Being Rolled Out
Saturday, June 01, 2013

Great Places Directory is excited to announce the roll out of a new social media marketing campaign for all of our advertisers. Social media marketing is on the rise and as another way to show our appreciation to our loyal advertisers, we are rolling out our “Spotlight On” feature which will be displayed on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The “Spotlight On” feature will focus on one venue a week. Each venue will be able to showcase some of the latest events going on as well as a photo or two. We are looking for the hottest trends, newest catering ideas, major upgrades to your venue and other creative and out of the box ideas that our audience would love to learn about. From there the content will be posted on all of our social media feeds and shared with our followers. We will be contacting the venues directly and asking them if they would like to participate in this exciting new feature. If you are a current advertiser with Great Places and have not received an email, please drop a line to Cyndi at and inform us that you would love to be part of the new social media marketing.

If you are not a current advertiser but would like to be, please give us a call at 212.675.9000.   

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