Fragrance-An Often Overlooked Event Accessory!
by Sue Phillips
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A custom perfume can add a personal touch to your event.

Brides! When you plan your great day and all the wonderful and fun elements that surround that exciting event remember YOU are the star and all eyes will be upon you. Attention to detail is so important: your dress, your bridesmaids, groomsmen, the dresses, colors, the theme, reception, music, food, and of course, the venue. But what about the silent accessory that no one sees? Fragrance?

Do you know that our sense of smell is the most important after our sense of sight – and it is the most powerful! It triggers memories and emotions and one of the most compelling aspects is how fragrance makes you feel. You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life and you should have a perfume that reflects that wonderful occasion. Have you ever dreamed of creating your own fragrance for your special day? A custom perfume for you to wear and also a fragrance to scent your event?

Custom Scents sponsored by The Wedding Library at the Martha Stewart Bridal Event on Oct 17

Just think of all the possibilities that you can create! The fragrance palette, much like food and flavor ingredients, spans an enormous category – from sparkling citrus notes, to light fresh and clean herbals, ozonic and fruity notes; florals which most brides love can be fresh, gentle, sexy , heady and if combined with spicy notes are sometimes called ‘floriental’ scents. And if you prefer sophisticated sensual amber fragrances, think about ingredients from Morocco where spicy, amber, and complex blends of woodsy, musky, mossy notes and luscious gourmand vanilla and balsamic notes combine to match that elegant and sophisticated wedding dress and sumptuous ‘black-tie’ affair.

Martha Stewart's Bridal Event by Bentley Meeker on Oct 17

At the recent Martha Stewart Bridal event and BizBash Expo awards I had the chance to talk to Bentley Meeker and Colin Cowie. Bentley created a lovely environment at Martha Stewart’s bridal show and Custom Scents were offered by The Wedding Library where people loved the idea and created their own miniature samples. And to further create a ‘multi-scentsory’ experience the bridal couple can match any theme that they or their wedding planner, decides upon by creating an ‘ambient scent’ for the celebration. Colin Cowie frequently talks about combining all the sensory elements for his fabulous Bridal designs and includes fragrance as an integral element in most of his designs.
Colin Cowie and Sue Phillips at the 2011 BizBash Awards Explore your sense of smell and discover how much fun it is to experience the one sense that triggers memory and emotions for your special day.

 We love working with Sue and adore how she incorporates scents into our most important days!

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