How to Address a Mr. & Mrs. on an Invitation
by Robert Hickey
Tuesday, September 04, 2012



Dear Robert,

I'm addressing invitations and wondering what the best way is to include the first names of both spouses.

Which way is correct?

  •     Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe
  •     Mr and Mrs. John and Jane Doe

Or do you perhaps have another more formal method of address?

-- Lynna

Dear Lynna,

The forms you mention are awkward.  I would utilize either of the two following forms:


  •     Mr. and Mrs. (His Full Name) is traditional/formal.
  •     (First Name) + (First Name) + (Surname) is casual/informal.

The forms you mention are a little bit formal and a little bit casual and therefore not quite correct from a protocol perspective.

-- Robert Hickey

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