by Sue Phillips
Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ever since Governor Andrew Cuomo's bill to give gay couples the right to wed was approved by New York lawmakers, same-sex marriages are becoming all the rage and wedding and event planners are seeing their calendars booking up as they create exciting, over-the-top wedding events.

New York is always at the forefront of fashion, and one of the most sought after ‘fashionable’ fun events is couples wanting to create their own signature scents, and also planning multi-sensory wedding events.

Besides wonderful lighting, beautiful displays, flower arrangements, memorable music and sumptuous food, one of the newest multi-“scent-sory” additions to a Special Event is Scent! Imagine walking in to an ambience of A Heady floral Garden with tuberose, jasmine and Lilly of the Valley?; White Tea and Thyme? Fantasy Islands with notes of Sensual Spices and Orange Bergamot? Lavender Fields? or Ginger Floral with Musk and Amber? We have hundreds of scents for every occasion and can create signature scents for that special day.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful we have, after Sight, and it triggers memories and emotions, and is the one sense that we can never turn off.

And what better way to celebrate love and to create everlasting memories of that special day than by creating a couple's BESPOKE or unique CUSTOM fragrance? To reflect their unique personality and individuality, every bride & groom, groom & groom, or bride & bride can create their own 'Signature Fragrance' (just like Celebrities) to commemorate their momentous wedding day! And wedding favors of that special fragrance can be given to guests in the form of innovative Scented Pens with a secret atomizer tucked in the top! How great to be able to ‘spritz’ that unique fragrance before an important meeting or a special date!

At Scenterprises Ltd.™ we take the wedding couple and their Bridal party on a 'fragrance journey' to discover and evaluate 18 exquisite perfume blends. They select 3 or 4 blends they prefer and voila! We decant their custom 'formula' into designer-color 20ml atomizers of their choice. They receive a Certificate of Registration and we keep their CUSTOM FRAGRANCE formula in our database for ease of reordering.
This creative experience is ideal for Wedding Showers and Bachelorette Parties, but also an innovative event for Couples, Ladies' Night Out, and for all Birthday, Anniversary and Holiday Occasions.

Scenterprises Ltd.™ is a New York based company that offers Custom Perfume Seminars and Workshops for individuals and groups, as well as Ambient and Environmental Scenting for Events, and available to travel for all types of events.

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