by Sue Phillips
Thursday, July 07, 2011

Our newest contributor Scentologist Sue Phillips discusses scent trends in the event industry.

Summer is here and with it comes all kinds of delectable, edible, and thirst-quenching treats….. Barbecues, Clambakes, ice cold juices, pina coladas, ice creams……an entire gamut of sensory delights! One of the most amazing senses we have is our Sense of Smell – and without it we cannot enjoy the aromas that waft delicately around us! imagine not being able to savor the scents of a delicious BBQ, or even the salt air? Have you ever walked down a path and suddenly you stop because a scent or fragrance caught your attention and brought back a flood of memories?? Scent, Aroma, Fragrance or Perfume….whichever name you give it…. they are all part of our olfactory sense and trigger the most powerful mood, memories and emotions!

Sadly, the most ignored, or even forgotten, is our Sense of Smell! In the Event Industry, so much attention is placed on our visual , auditory and tactile senses. We see and touch beautiful displays, marvel at the fabulous lighting and listen to sensual music, and…… naturally enjoy the most scrumptious food and fantasy-colored drinks! With the addition of ambient scent or a discreetly-themed fragrance in the environment we can truly create a “multi-scentsory” experience… and the memory of the moment, and the event, will be rediscovered every time the scent or aroma is experienced.

I have been passionate about fragrance ever since I was a little girl growing up in South Africa. Now and again, when the wind gusts, I experience the smells of my childhood, and for a moment, I am transported back to the vast open fields and can almost inhale the dusky aromatic sunsets! It is no wonder then, that I fortuitously began work in the fragrance industry and developed and launched iconic perfume brands like Tiffany, Burberrys, and many others. It has been a joy to learn about, discover and teach the magic and mystery of Scent. At events and workshops we now take people on a ‘fragrance journey’ where they experience an array of fabulous perfume blends – including notes of citrus, woods, musks, spices, ambers and florals. Guests select 3 or 4 blends which they prefer and they create their own signature perfume. One of the current trends is customization. And perfumes are no exception. In this era where every celebrity has his or her own fragrance, the chance to create one’s own “signature scent” is palpable! The same is true for Special Events and Weddings where we add a fabulous fragrance to a themed environment, which is an alluring way to offer guests a unique, innovative and multi-sensory experience. What a great way to increase our happiness quotient!

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