Invasion Of The Participatory Culture
by Jeff Hurt
Monday, June 20, 2011

If you haven’t made the shift from serving members to involving them, consider this your wake-up call — and your roadmap.

Sociologists identify today’s online networked individuals as the participatory class. For many adults, the Internet primarily means the web. For others it means chat, connecting with friends, email, games, movies, social networks, text, video — all of which means they are content producers.

As part of a participatory culture, we expect to create, collaborate, connect, share, and learn interactively. We feel that our contributions matter. We share a social or emotional connection with one another that helps solve problems and develop new solutions. It’s a culture that permeates our personal lives and our workplaces.

Are you ready for the invasion of the participatory culture?

Here is the PPT from my presentation about the participatory culture for CalSAE Road Tour (San Diego, Anaheim, San Francisco and Sacramento)



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